iPhone 13 Pro in 5k – Should I buy it From Telegram Channel? (Carders Fraud Explained)

>Should I Buy Carded Products Online From Telegram or Instagram

There are many People Who Are Selling Carded Products (Mobile Phone, DSLR in just 1k, 5k, or 10k) by Advertising on Various Social Networking Platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Telegram Channels. But the reality is that they don’t even know the C of carding. All these pages are fake.

Buying Carded Products Online is not at all safe.

For Example: – If one knows Carding & can buy products online, then why would he sell to you guys on social networking He can simply buy lots of products & sell them offline & earn huge profits.

iPhone 11 Pro, which is priced at 90k in the market, is being sold to you at only 5K. Can you believe it No, you can’t. But the Urge/Greed inside us to have the product makes us do this & we pay that carder & lose all our money.

<p I am trusted or not sir. LOL  

Will they really deliver the product

One of my friends wanted to buy iPhone 11 Pro, He Saw an Ad “iPhone 11 Pro for 5K” on Telegram Channel, he was happy & without thinking paid that guy 1K in advance & after few minutes that Carder Guy sent Order details & asked for Remaining 4K & without thinking he paid remaining amount too.

He was completely convinced that his phone would reach him. The delivery was to be made last week & after the payment was made, there have been no updates.

Please Don’t Trust them & Lose your money

Don’t Trust the Buyers Screenshots. (Anyone Can Make 100s of Fake Screenshots in Few Minutes)
Don’t Trust the Order Placed Trick (Order Never Get Delivered to You)
Most of the Carders are Scammers, which will take 50% of the advance or 1K in Advance & After the Fake Amazon/Flipkart Order Get Placed, Take Your Remaining Money, then they block you forever.
They use Fake Paytm, Bank Accounts & Google Pay Accounts, take money from people & Directly Block them.
They Frequently Change their Telegram Channel or Instagram Page Names, so that he could not be caught easily.

99.9% of the Time, The Product will not get Delivered To You.


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