My Magic Farm

Description of My Magic Farm Help Farmer George develop his farm. In such a big farm he is not able to do everything him

Particle Solitaire

Description of Particle Solitaire A simple task – clear all the particles by splitting them into smaller bits, with your

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Da Daily Compliment

Description of Da Daily Compliment A meaningful, honest compliment is the greatest gift that anyone can receive. Da Dail

Loomie Clicker

Description of Loomie Clicker Catch as many Loomie-Creatures as you can by hitting them. But be careful: only two kinds

Toddler ANTS

Description of Toddler ANTS (Touch & Tap Toddler App)Ants are in the kitchen! there after the cookie on the floor, oh no

Fashion Shopping

Description of Fashion Shopping Think as you own the fashion shop of beautiful collections of the modern trends of dress

Scratchy Scratch Dark – Earn Money

Description of Scratchy Scratch Dark – Earn Money What we offer you?- Payout via Paypal from 0.02- Collect your scratche

Bubble Tap Frenzy

Description of Bubble Tap Frenzy -Tap to pop the bubbles-Pop the bubbles before they reach the surface-Change the speed

Panda Kitchen – Cookie Match 3

Description of Panda Kitchen – Cookie Match 3 Panda Kitchen will have a grand opening in this christmas, many delicious

Space Flight

Description of Space Flight Prepare for an incredible flight through space! Take Flappy Bird to the next level with Spac


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